How We Help

Revolution Four Group (R4 Group) is a next-generation advisory firm, helping clients harness the power of technology to succeed in the modern digital era. We provide deep, specialized expertise to organizations seeking to innovate, transform, and thrive in the face of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

  • Agility
    Accelerate Velocity

    The foundation of Digital Transformation is the ability to adapt to change quickly and effectively - agility and velocity. Organizations need to understand Agile development methodologies, drive agile practices throughout the organization, leverage modern cloud infrastructure, and move toward infrastructure-as-code. Success requires aggressive pursuit of automation to achieve Continuous Delivery and DevSecOps, delivering value to users and customers quickly and securely.

  • Cultural Revolution
    Transform Culture

    As most experts will acknowledge, the biggest obstacle to any major organizational change is often culture. To truly thrive in the modern digital era, leaders must designate technology as a first-class strategic concern, and embrace change as a positive. Organizations should foster productive risk taking and shared ownership of innovation, and coach managers into becoming change leaders. In turn, these leaders must develop responsive and adaptive organizations that focus on delivering business value while managing risk.

  • Transform Work

    As the Fourth Industrial Revolution rapidly reshapes the world around us, organizations need to change how they think and work. This requires the adoption of customer and user-centric processes, while shifting focus from projects to products. The introduction of design thinking and lean processes benefits the entire organization, as teams become flatter, more dynamic, and cross-functional. Organizations must adopt modern, service-based architectures as requirements and applications are decomposed from traditional monolithic structures.

  • Cybersecurity
    Integrate Security

    The importance of system and data assets has risen exponentially as business has become increasingly digital, and cybersecurity is becoming an overarching concern for most organizations. They must understand and integrate complex cybersecurity concerns across the organization, and incorporate security into application planning and engineering, instead of tack-on compliance. Organizations must develop strategies that ensure visibility at all layers of the IT stack, and acquire the tools and expertise to analyze, understand, and act appropriately at all stages of the cyber-defense life-cycle.

Who We Help

  • Large Enterprise
    Large & Mid-size Enterprises

    Whether government agency or commercial business, large and mid-size enterprises face the biggest challenges in the digital revolution, and they have the most to gain or lose. R4 Group can help these organizations accelerate, innovate, transform and secure - through strategic planning engagements, maturity assessments, executive coaching, and the implementation of the R4 Digital Transformation Framework.

  • Systems Integration
    Systems Integrators & Solution Vendors

    Solution providers and integrators must deliver products and services that help large customers succeed in the modern digital era, while dealing with similar challenges internally. R4 Group can leverage deep understanding of the market and technology landscape to help with solution roadmaps, development and positioning, as well as inform investment and acquisition decisions.

  • Service Provider
    Consulting & Service Providers

    Organizations that provide services to enterprise customers, such as infrastructure management, software development, or cybersecurity operations, can be the key to success or failure for a customer’s digital transformation. Revolution Four Group can help optimize this portfolio of services, identifying and enhancing the offerings that will provide the most value, while helping design for the future.

  • Emerging Technology
    Emerging Tech & Startup Companies

    A driving force behind the modern digital era and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, these organizations are harbingers of innovation and disruption. R4 Group can provide critical insight and feedback on product viability for enterprise customers, including future roadmap. We can help identify new use-cases and refine, to achieve maximum impact in critical market segments.

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